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Understanding the Tips of Writing Persuasive Text.

If you are a student and want to write on the persuasive text then this blog can be quite useful as it informs you about persuasive text and persuasive writing. This blog covers the following topics:-

  1. Persuasive text
  2. Tips for writing a persuasive text


A persuasive text is such a writing style that is used to convince readers about something. Such text can be based on topics on which the writer has a perspective, based on which the writer can place his or her arguments. Writing a persuasive essay requires skills. This blog helps the reader to understand what persuasive essay is and it also helps in understanding the tips of writing a persuasive essay.

Tips for writing persuasive text

In persuasive writing, the writer focuses on his or her argument. In such a writing style, the writer has to defend his or her case if you have the ability to see and refute the arguments that are made against your text.

Following are some of the tips of writing a persuasive text:-

1. The manner of writing a persuasive text should be persuasive in nature.

The writer needs to focus on the conventions of writing a persuasive text.

If you are writing a persuasive text then you require focusing on writing conventions. Understand that such text uses rhetorical devices in order to convince the audience. In the persuasive text, besides data and logic, the writers get the liberty to touch the emotions of the readers.

The persuasive text has a lucid thesis statement. It helps the audience to know the type of arguments the writer is making. While writing persuasive text it is important for the writer to use various types of evidence. However, it should be borne in mind that logical appeals like showcasing data, hard facts are convincing for the audience.

Make the right use of persuasive techniques while writing persuasive text

Persuasive writing is not an as easy task. It is important for the writer to have a good know-how of the various tools and techniques of writing persuasive text.  Pathos, logos, and ethos are used by writers to develop strong arguments. Repetition is yet another important component of persuasive writing. While writing persuasive text repeat words again and again in separate tones so that the readers are able to comprehend your arguments. While writing in a persuasive tone don’t forget to make quotations as quotations highlight that you are not the one who is making the point. Using quotations as part of persuasive writing is social validation.

Acknowledge, refute arguments made against you In persuasive writing, the writer focuses on his or her argument. In such a writing style, the writer has to defend his or her case if you have the ability to see and refute the arguments that are made against your text.

Challenge the readers

Persuasive writing is all about presenting commonly believed opinions, obliging the audience to re-evaluate.

2. Make Investments in time while preparing the groundwork

While writing a persuasive text it is important to read the prompt carefully. As a writer, you need to focus on the language so that you can understand whether you are writing a completely persuasive text or an argumentative essay. Before writing a persuasive essay it is important that you give yourself some time to think. Writing persuasive text requires brainstorming, writing as well as editing.

Examine the rhetorical-situation

Persuasive writing is all about examining the rhetorical situation. In this context, it is important to understand that a rhetorical situation has 5 components and they are as follows:-

  1. The text
  2.  Setting
  3. Audience
  4. Author
  5. Purpose of doing the communication

Understanding the facts, understanding the issue or problem, understanding the entities that are affected by the issue forms the basis of examining the rhetorical situation.

Choose a topic that is appealing

Persuasive writing makes emotional appeals and hence the topic should be chosen accordingly. It is good to invest on a topic that has depth as well as complexity. It is recommended to invest in topics that are interesting and at the same time has depths.

Other Dos and Don’ts While Writing Persuasive Text

There are certain dos and don’ts while writing persuasive text and these dos and don’ts are listed as follows:-

It is important to remain balanced while writing the persuasive text. While choosing a topic as a writer you require analyzing the arguments and counter-arguments. This is the reason why controversial topics such as religious beliefs are not considered good topics for persuasive writing.

While writing a persuasive test it is important to keep the focus on the topic so that you can explore the topic. It is better to choose a topic that keeps the text short and to the point. While writing persuasive text don’t forget to give evidence. Topics like Global warming are not considered good for persuasive writing as it is a vast topic.

While writing persuasive text it is better to come up with a thesis statement. The thesis statement should be such that it expresses your arguments or views in lucid language. While writing persuasive text it is all the more important to furnish arguments in lucid language. This is because it is vital to allow your viewers to understand the expectations of the persuasive text.

While writing persuasive texts it is important to do researches. If you are a writer then you should compile your notions before writing so that the writing process may go smoothly. Many find it tough to do research on a personal level while writing persuasive text, for them, it is recommended to go for assignment help online.

3. Make a proper draft of your text

Writing a persuasive text is not that easy. There is a proper format for writing persuasive texts. The format helps the writers to express their arguments in a compelling manner. Following are some of the components of persuasive texts:-

There has to be an introduction to the persuasive text. The topic and the introductory part should be such that it attracts the attention of the readers. The introductory part should be followed by the thesis statement. The thesis statement helps the readers to understand the topic of argument.

The persuasive text should have a body of three paragraphs in a five-paragraph essay. While writing the body of persuasive essays always give evidence to support your facts.

The concluding part of the persuasive text should consist of the overall summary. It should be appealing to the readers. The concluding part should expand the relevance of the notion for writing the persuasive text. The purpose of a persuasive text is to persuade the readers to ponder about something and end the write-up with a call-to-action.

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